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North United Aluminium (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (formerly as Shenzhen North Investment Co., Ltd) was founded in 1988 as an affiliate of NORINCO, with current registered capital 170 million Yuan. At the beginning of 2002, the company restructured under modern company system to form a liability limited company with Norinco Shenzhen its controlling shareholder and some upstream and downstream companies as well as its employees its shareholders. NUA focuses on non-ferrous metal trades with the products covering primary aluminum, aluminum billet, aluminum alloy, aluminum rod, zinc ingot, lead ingot, electrolytic copper, copper billet, etc.


After over 20 years exploration and development, NUAhas grown into a large non-ferrous metal trading company specializing inaluminum products and it is now one of the largest non-ferrous metals trading company in South China. Meanwhile, NUAhas developed sound risk control mechanism, standard financial management, high efficiency of liquidity and rational shareholding structure.In the year of 2011, the sales revenue of the company is 10.3billionYuan(sale volume 630 thousand tons) and net profit over 30 millionYuan.


Looking into the future, NUA is confronted with much more complicated domestic and international environment which means more opportunities as well as challenges. NUA is well prepared and we are looking forward to making joint efforts with all the friends on the basis of equality and mutual benefit to win a better future. 


Since the year of 2004, NUA has begun to build their regional sales network by establishing offices in Shanghai and Chengdu and Shanghai office was registered as a subsidiary in 2010. As to the extension of industry chain, NUA has stepped out effectively. In the year of 2008, NUA invested into Guizhou Pingba Hongda Aluminum Chemicals Co., Ltd and in 2009 NUA invested into Anshun North Hongda Aluminum Co., Ltd. During “12th Five-Year Plan”, NUA will enhance its presence in regional markets, promote new investment projects and improve its ability of industry resources control.


Holding the business philosophy of “serving the end customers” and “constant innovation”, the company has established the most excellent direct selling team and distribution network over the past 20 years. The network covering major suppliers and consumers in Chinese market is one of the most crucial resources and competitive edge of NUA. Up until today, sales revenue to downstream end customers makes up 75% of the total.


In 2012, RUSAL, the biggest aluminum producer in the world invested into NUA and become the second largest shareholder. The powerful terminal marketing ability and integrated service can not only secure sales of RUSAL products to end customers but also facilitate brand promotion of RUSAL in Chinese market and eventually raise its brand value.