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Company Manifesto

On the rough road, we walked with firm paces. With tenacity, we started our business, with wisdom, we win our glory. 

With an ordnance origin, we have walked on the path of market economy for over twenty years along with the development of Shenzhen district.

 Challenge goes together with opportunity. There are ups and downs while setback and glory interweave together. 

In prosperity, we keep a calm mind and being alert; in adversity, we boost our morale and overcome every difficulty.We explore market with diligence, we build our brand with quality, we inspire our partners with sincerity and we exchange customer loyalty with integrity. It is what we did before, what we are doing now and what we are going to do.

We ae once small and now we grow up; we are once weak and now we are becoming strong. We are once little-known and now we have initially established our own branch

We are proud of our precious team. In this team of shared destiny, we fight together with collective wisdom; we help each other like a family.

We are proud of our own company. In this team of shared culture, we work together with tacit cooperation; we realize our value while respecting everyone’s personality.

 We treasure the loving atmosphere of our company. Everyone here is happy, helpful,magnanimous, devoted, kind and grateful.

We treasure the friendship between our colleges. Everyone is with his own talent and potential. We work passionately, diligently together through thick and thin.


We treasure our own integrity and personality. Everyone works clearly and seriously. Valuing the virtue, we make our money in the right way and build our brand.


We get on with our pursuit with integrity and glory. We make self-realization in our own position with integrity and glory. With integrity our banner, we started an evergreen career in a market with strong rivals and accumulate our capital in the ever-changing competition.


We do business with only the honest and law-abiding companies and would like to “have the best companies to be our customers”. Via considerate service we create values for our customers and “help our customers to be the best companies”.


We are fully aware that any success is phrased and there is no permanent prosperity. We cannot stop even for a while and innovation is our engine of sustainable development.

To support innovation, we must enhance our ability to learn. We must start up everyone’s desire and ability to learn, improve group intelligence so that the staff can achieve the best of their lives, our company can adapt to any new circumstance to come. 

We create value for our customers, we create wealth for the society, we create dividends for our shareholders and we create beautiful life for ourselves. It is our constant vision to become “expert of nonferrous metal purchase and sales in China” and it is our unswerving ideal to build our own “international century brand of non-ferrous metal”.