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Grasp the opportunity, take the trend (1988-1997)


    North United Aluminum (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, the former Shenzhen North Investment Co., Ltd (Shenzhen North Investment and Exploration Co., Ltd when founded), was established in the year 1988 with initial registered capital of RMB 500,000. At the very beginning, the company focused on property management and operated trading deals as supplementary business. With the development of company, trade business became the major income source for the company. It was particularly true in the year of 1992 when the company established sales channel for ferrous metal in Pearl River Delta. This had laid a solid foundation for market exploration and recognition of the company has been greatly improved in Pearl River Delta.


The decade of 1990s was a booming period for automotive industry and the company began to adopt a new operating philosophy ---- integration of industry and trade. In 1994, the company involved in vehicle maintenance and repair industry by establishing North Auto Service Co., Ltd which consisted of vehicle maintenance and repair shops as well as auto sales business.


In the 1990s, the company strengthened ferrous metal trade and meanwhile, explored new business such as non-ferrous metal trade. Affected by Asia financial crisis in 1997, and complied with overall specialization strategy of Norinco, the company withdrew from vehicle maintenance and repair industry and ferrous metal trade so as to focus on non-ferrous metal trade.


Specialized operation and financing reform (1997-2002)


Since the transformation from 1997, the company began to focus on non-ferrous metal trade covering products including primary aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum billet, aluminum rod for electrical purpose, zinc ingot, copper, etc. The company strived to build its supply and sales network, explore feasible business model. With joint effort of all the staff, the businesses grew rapidly year on year. In 1999, the registered capital amounted to RMB 8,330,000.


In March 2002, with the approval of Norinco, the company initiated its restructuring in line with modern company system. The state-owned company became a liability limited company with Norinco Shenzhen subsidiary its controlling shareholder and upstream and downstream customers, the employees the investing shareholders. The company was renamed as “Shenzhen North Investment Co., Ltd” with registered capital of RMB 28 million.


Market competition and rapid growth (2002-2011)

Since 2003, the company has implemented the development strategy combining spot trade and future trade, domestic trade and foreign trade which lead to various services and improved profitability. And it is for the first time, the total profit broke through RMB 10 million. In the same year, Norinco conducted structure adjustment of its Shenzhen subsidiaries which increased the registered capital into RMB 38 million.


From the very beginning of 2004, the company started to build its regional sales network and established offices in Shanghai and Chengdu after the success of its Nanhai office. In 2010, shanghai office became Shanghai subsidiary and a nationwide presence in South China, East China and Southwest China was formed.


As to the extension of the industrial chain, effective attempt has also been made. To promote the strategy of integration of industry and trade, to further optimize the shareholder structure, the company applied cross shareholding with Shenzhen Zengshi Hongda Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd and jointly founded Anshun North Hongda Aluminum Billet Smelter. Accordingly, the registered capital increased to RMB103 million and the shareholders from 4 to 5.


         Precise strategy, down-to-earth management, enterprising staff has resulted in rapid growth of the company during the 11th Five Year Plan. In the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, the sales revenue was over RMB 10 billion and sales volume of non-ferrous metal over 600,000tons.                                                 


Win-win cooperation for a century brand (2012-   )


Holding the business philosophy of “serving the end consumers” and “continuing innovation”, the company has established the most excellent direct selling team and sales network over the past 20 years. The network covering consumption market of major non-ferrous products and the ever improving professionalism are the most crucial resources and competitive edge of the company. Up until today, sales revenue to downstream end consumers takes up 75% of the total. A good company image and reputation has been built in the non-ferrous industry and domestic bank system.


In 2012, Rusal, the largest producer of aluminum of the world invested into the company as a new shareholder. The registered capital was increased to RMB 170 Million and the company was transformed from a limited liability company into a Sino-foreign joint venture which was officially named as North United Aluminum (Shenzhen) Industry Co., Ltd. The company’s powerful terminal marketing ability and integrated professional service can not only ensure Rusal’s products to be sold directly to end consumers, but also helps its brand promotion in Chinese market and eventually realize the brand value.


We are confident that supported by the shareholders including Norinco and Rusal, based on the domestic market and looking into world, the company will boost its market presence and achieve sustainable development so as to build itself into a century brand which creates value for the investors and contribute to the society.